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Elliott Connie – Saturday March 18th 11am – 1pm

Solution Focused Brief Therapy for Trauma – Connecting Clients with Hope

While many therapists tend to focus on problems, solution-focused brief therapists are trained in the deceptively simple art of asking targeted questions that lead clients to find their own pathway toward healing. This approach can accelerate therapy with a range of challenging clinical issues, including deeply entrenched trauma. In this highly interactive workshop, we’ll explore how to master the art of asking solution-focused questions tailored to each client’s trauma experience and their particular path to healing. You’ll discover:

  • A new perspective on trauma work that integrates a strong focus on outcome, accessing a client’s own language, and evoking strengths
  • How to help clients quickly achieve goals by accessing often buried, positive aspects of their wider experience
  • Tools for competently maintaining the flow of a solution-focused conversation, regardless of the severity of the trauma