The teenage and adolescent years are an important transitional period in every person’s
life, and they come with some significant potential difficulty. This is a point in life where
we start to see sudden social, personal, emotional, and physical changes that require
a lot of adjustment. Kids in this age range are grappling with defining their individual
personality while also taking on more responsibilities and consequences than they did
when they were younger. But simultaneously, this is an exciting time in life. Lifelong
passions are blooming and the beginnings of ambitions for adulthood are being
cultivated. While this might be a risky and potentially difficult stage in life to navigate,
it can also be a deeply enjoyable one.
One of the noticeable advantages I’ve noticed in teens and adolescents is that they
know what they like and what they dislike. For them, these aren’t tricky to define. They
are more than capable of describing what they want which makes this solution focused
process very fluid. Not only that, but teens and adolescents are far less hesitant than
anyone else to dream big. At this point in their lives, they’ve discovered what interests
them and what seems to make them happy, and they are more than willing to explore
where those things can take them. A solution focused conversation amplifies that
natural ability into forward motion toward making those desires really happen. And
once kids see that they can really be the version of themselves that they would like
to be, they only grow more certain of their capabilities and the possibilities for their
Some of the typical things teens and adolescents hope to get out of these sessions
include self-confidence, social skills, overcoming depression, better family relationships,
and simply happiness. These are all very attainable outcomes for any individual.
The solution focused approach seems to have an incredible affinity for igniting the
necessary energy, excitement, and motivation in teens and adolescents. Connecting
their potential, desirable futures to their current situations fascinates and invigorates
them and the way forward becomes much clearer than it’s ever been