Overcome Addictions

“You cannot solve a problem with the same kind of thinking that created it.”- Albert Einstein


Hidden talents are often the key to achieving and maintaining a lifestyle without the addictionI passionately believe that all problems can be resolved and that all circumstances can be overcome. This includes addictions.

People always tell me that there have been times within their addictions when they have been able to go without using. These times of sobriety provide valuable clues about what resources the client has that allowed for them to be clean for a period of time. In therapy, I hope to learn as much as possible about your keys to sobriety so that those things can be utilized to experience a more long term and sustainable sober experience.

The addiction also rarely only impacts just the person who is currently struggling to overcome it. It interferes with loved ones, causing frustration and stress to appear in otherwise healthy and happy relationships. Often times, these relationships become the reason treatment is initiated. I focus my questions in helping the client to envision how these relationships would be impacted by the addiction going away. What would those relationships look like without the presence of the addiction? When was the last time the relationship looked like this life.

By answering these questions the client will notice an increase in motivation to accomplish their goals as well as an increased awareness to their own talents and ability making accomplishing the goal of living a life without the addiction more attainable. The steps needed to accomplish these goals will also become more clear as the vision of this future are combined with the realization of current talents.

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