Purpose and Aims

The SFU Research Council in composed of two sub-groups, the Student Research Council and the Professional Research Council. These two councils work together to promote the research agenda of the SFU and reports directly to the SFU Executive Council.The Research Council works to provide knowledge of and access to the comprehensive body of SFBT research. The SFU Research Council also works to increase the exposure of SFBT practitioners to relevant research that may positively impact their clinical work with clients and trainees.

The Research Council is dedicated to increasing the amount of SFBT research available that addresses how SFBT can be used to aid underserved and marginalized populations in a meaningful and effective manner.

The SFU Research Committee works to do the following:

  • Increase awareness and reach of SFBT research
  • Produce new and innovative research
  • Sponsor original research from developing and seasoned professionals
  • Foster the growth and development of emerging SFBT researchers
  • Increase the understanding of how SFBT can work with underserved and marginalized populations

Student Research Council

The Student Research Council is comprised of promising student researchers who are interested in SFBT from any academic field. These student researchers may be undergraduate or graduate students. The Student Research Council works under the direction of the Professional Research Council and supports the efforts of the Professional Research Council. However, with guidance from the Professional Research Council advisor, the Student Research Council also produces original research for publication.
Current Members include: Cecil Walker, Natalia Fernandez, Shirley Shani Ben-Zvi

Professional Research Council

The Professional Research Council oversees the research agenda of the SFU. This Council works to produce original innovative research, oversees the distribution of the SFU Research Grant(s), advises and collaborates with the Student Research Council, and provides outreach to the SFU community and larger mental health communities regarding research related topics. The Professional Research Council works to expand the visibility and accessibility of the SFBT research. The Professional Research Council is particularly interested in expanding the SFBT research relevant to underserved and marginalized populations.


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Bring your SFBT Questions Each Month

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