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How This Single Question Can CHANGE THERAPY

One of the most important aspects of practicing Solution Focused Brief Therapy really, really well is understanding the power of third party perspectives. I think we often think about Solution Focused as just a conversation between a client and a therapist. But, what's so wonderful and beautiful about this approach is you get opportunities to bring the client system into the room by asking an incredibly powerful question, which is, "What would so and so notice? A [...]

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Hateful Words Harm Everyone, Even the User!

Today I want to talk to you about the power of words, and how important it is for us to use words [in a way] that's good for us. Let me explain. The other day, I was watching a football game. Minnesota was playing the Philadelphia Eagles, and one of the players, a running back, did not have a great game. Early in the game he fumbled, which means he dropped the ball and the other team [...]

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Questions Can Make or Break Your Clients

These days, I've been thinking a lot about questions. I'm working on a lot of projects out in Los Angeles, in the entertainment world. I'll tell you some more about those projects in the coming weeks and months. But, I've been thinking a lot about questions and the way that we use questions in our work as Solution Focused therapists. So a lot of people think that what we're doing is asking questions, and that's true. But [...]

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Therapy is Done from the Heart

So we are super excited because we're finally able to get back out and do in-person trainings. This month's training (I'm gonna try to do them roughly monthly) was in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, one of our favorite places to visit. It's been an amazing two days. We just ended the two days. Now, every time Adam and I get together to teach, we explain something in a little bit of a different way that kind of hits [...]

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I Lived in L.A. for TWO MONTHS and Learned This!

Well, here it is. I am ending a two month trip to Los Angeles, and I'm sitting here in the LAX Sky Lounge, Delta Sky Lounge, reflecting on what this two months has been like. Two months ago, in late June when I came out here to L.A., I came out here to work on my TV project, and I wanted to come and get everything I needed to do, done, so a network could pick up [...]

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How Hip-Hop Inspired Me to be Authentic

This year, 2023, August specifically, is celebrated as the 50 years of hip hop. And I wanna talk about how hip hop has influenced Solution Focused Brief Therapy, and how hip hop has influenced me, and the culture of hip hop. I wanna start by saying how honored I was. I got to participate in an iHeartRadio event honoring the 50 years of hip hop celebration. And for me, it was one of the greatest privileges I've [...]

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