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Representation Triggers Hope

Today was one of the most incredible days of my life.I was invited to speak on a panel at an event called Hollywood and Mind. And Hollywood and Mind is an event that dedicates combining the entertainment industry with mental health to try to make Hollywood safer for the people participating in Hollywood, either in front of the camera, behind the camera. It's a really cool initiative, and the second time I've been at this event.The panel that [...]

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Why Some Clients Never Come Back

Some of your new clients are not coming back for their second session, and I'm about to tell you the reason why.Today I want to tell you the number one ingredient you have to have in all of your therapy. Literally the most important thing you've gotta have from the moment "Go." From the very first time you meet your client. But first I wanna tell you a quick story.A friend of mine told me that he'd been [...]

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Celebrate Your Victories Out Loud

Let me tell you why silence is killing your self-esteem. Today, I had a remarkable day where some really, really crazy professional things happen. First thing that happened today is I went and got interviewed on a platform called The Breakfast Club, which has about 7 million viewers to each of their episodes. It's a hip hop culture, radio, tv, social media show. I did an interview there and I got to talk about Solution Focused Brief [...]

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A Message to All My Haters

I have a super important message for you today. But first, before I share that with you, I need to tell you, the last three weeks have been crazy. I have been in Los Angeles having meetings about my TV show, and I can't wait to publicly be able to talk about that. My podcast on the Black Effect Podcast Network hosted by iHeart radio was released. I hosted my own event. And now I'm at the [...]

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Why Attacking Others Online Impacts You Negatively

Recently I've been noticing something troubling, a bit of a trend that I've actually been wanting to address for a really long time. It's been going on now for a couple of years, or at least impacting me in my life in a way that I think I want to address it. I think it impacts our mindset. It impacts how we live in this world, how we show up in this world, and how we show [...]

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View Your Therapy Practice as a Business

Being a psychotherapist is probably the greatest honor and privilege I've ever had in my life. The training I received to become a psychotherapist was amazing, but there was one thing that was lacking, and that missing thing caused me some real hardship, and I had to pay a price for it going forward. And that was, even though I was learning how to be a psychotherapist (I was learning about theory and change and how to [...]

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