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Diversity in the Therapy Field is Necessary

Being an African American in a position of leadership and visibility in this field has been significantly challenging. I've dealt with people attempting to defame my name, ruin my reputation, ruin my business, and and try to quiet my voice. And I was thinking about that. I was walking around New York City, one of my favorite places to be is right here in Times Square and I've been here several times and I was walking around [...]

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Don’t Get in the Way of Your Client’s Healing

At this point in my career, I've done countless trainings, traveled around the world, all throughout the United States, since COVID online. And sometimes I'm surprised when something that I've never experienced before happens. And that's what happened this last week. I was doing a training for an organization called PESI, and something happened in this training that I've never experienced before, and highlighted something that I think needs to be said about doing Solution Focused work, [...]

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The Impact of Viewing Yourself Positively

Last night, I had a really powerful personal experience that highlighted a really powerful Solution Focused Brief Therapy lesson. Something that I knew fundamentally, and something that I knew kind of in my head logically. But last night I felt it, like truly, genuinely, experienced it. And I wanna share it with you because I think it's something that could benefit a lot of people just as it benefited me. But before I get to what the [...]

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Racism Has No Place in a Acceptance Based Field

Lemme tell you a quick story about what it's like to be black in the field of psychotherapy, specifically in the field of Solution Focused, Brief Therapy. I wanna tell you a quick story about how I came to Solution Focused Brief Therapy, and then what led to some of the things that I've experienced all the way back in 2005, I was in graduate school and was really kind of struggling with what kind of therapist [...]

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Why I’m Anti- Trauma Focused

In the past couple of years in the field of psychotherapy, people have started using the phrase trauma informed to describe their work. And I'm gonna be honest, I can't stand that. To me, it sends the wrong message and it really doesn't make any sense. Like, what exactly is trauma informed? Like what exactly does that mean? I think it's really important that psychotherapists be aware of trauma. We live in a world pre 2020. The [...]

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Earn Your Client’s Trust with Acceptance

Today was an amazing day. I hosted an advanced Solution Focused Brief Therapy training with my guy, Adam Froerer. I think he's the best guy in the world in terms of his Solution Focused thinking and research. Normally when we teach, new ideas begin to prosper and flourish, and innovations start to happen, and we challenge one another and things start kind of unfolding. What happened today was we were talking about the 'desired outcome' part of [...]

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