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SFBT Moments

Creating Effective Communication With Your Clients

One of the things that often happens when people come into therapy is they come saying self-deprecating things. I'm not very good at this, or I've never been able to do that, and I struggled to do this. That's a very common thing in therapy and Solution Focused Brief Therapy or anything else. We have to know how to address it. You know, I say this all the time, but if you want to make a difference [...]

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I Spent 3 Days With My Team | HERE’S WHAT I LEARNED

So in my role in my company, leadership is a very important aspect of what we do. And part of leadership is feeling together and feeling bonded. So I did something really cool. This week we have a conference going on where we're broadcasting our conference online. So I brought a large portion of my team into one house here in the Atlanta area. And we're going to stay together throughout this conference. And I'm super excited [...]

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3 Ways To Reduce Compassion Fatigue

There is no way to run away from it. Our job is a very difficult job. The job of a helping or what I like to refer to as a healing professional is a very, very difficult job. We sit with clients in their darkest hour in their deepest pain, and oftentimes it impacts us. And, and we have this thing in our field known as compassion fatigue, and the most common way that people deal with [...]

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IS PSYCHOEDUCATION BAD? My Psychotherapy Hot Take

So my organization is teaching an online course and I'm being joined by Dr. Adam Froerer, Anna Francis, and Cecil Walker. And we have this certification program. We do it every year. It's going great. Lots of fun. And during one of the coaching calls of this program, I said something about psycho-education, hat was a provocative. I didn't mean to say something provocative. I just said, kind of what I think, and what I think is [...]

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You ARE Capable | SFU Annual Conference Recap

So we are right in the middle of the fifth annual Solution Focused Universe conference. And first of all, I can't believe that we have done five of these conferences, the last two being online, but we're right in the middle of this one. And something remarkable happened that was so inspiring and so amazing. I want to share it with you. So one of my favorite movies is a movie called Antwone Fisher, which features [...]

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Why We Need to Treat People Like Individuals

When I was young and in school, I had a really hard time in my home. I was always in trouble because my father took schoolwork so seriously that I couldn't find a safe way to do it. So for example, if my father came home from work and I was doing my homework, he would say, why isn't that already done? And I would be in trouble. And if he came home and I wasn't doing [...]

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