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SFBT Moments

Teaching Clients to Appreciate what’s Around Them

So here in America, we're just coming off of one of our major holidays, which we refer to as Thanksgiving. And for Thanksgiving, we're supposed to give thanks and show appreciation and think about the year we've just had. And I had a realization about the Solution Focused Approach that hit me. And I had never really realized this before, never thought about it in this way before. But in Solution Focused Brief Therapy we're always talking [...]

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Giving Your Clients Permission to Dream

One of my favorite things to do is to take walks. And I'm here in LA, I'm in Beverly Hills and I was taking a walk and I was just kind of thinking about like the beginning of my career or earlier stages of my career when like I just would dream about, I just want to be a Psychotherapist and make a difference in people's lives. That was my biggest dream. I want to get a [...]

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Using Radical Curiosity to catch every detail

One of the words that I've always struggled with in relationship to Solution Focused Brief Therapy is the word curiosity. In fact, if you go back and look at some of my previous videos, I've actually said that I don't think the word curiosity is fitting because being curious implies I want to know something. So someone might say like, Where'd you buy that sweatshirt? They're being curious because they want to know where I bought that [...]

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The words you choose matter

For the past few days, there has been something brewing here in the American sports world that I actually was trying not to talk about. And not, not for any particular reason about how controversial it is, actually, because of how sensitive it was. I wasn't sure that I could talk about this topic and give it proper justice. But as the more the topic evolved, the more I started noticing a very important theme coming out [...]

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Always be your authentic self

So this is a big day for me. I was invited to come speak to a class here at Texas Christian University, TCU. And for many, many years there were professors here that didn't like me. I'll say that, and I won't go into reasons why, but they were, they were for reasons of things I could not control. And recently some of those professors have retired and there's a new professor there, and she asked me [...]

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Helping clients redefine who they are

Hello from sunny California. I'm in Palm Springs at a, at a business meeting that I have. And so I'm gonna share something that I haven't really shared before because I want to tell you guys a story that inspired the hell outta me. And I think it's gonna touch you too. A lot of people know that I've been coming to California for about a year. I've been super vague about what I've been doing and [...]

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