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Why the Problem Isn’t Important

I'm here at the Martin Luther King Memorial in Washington DC and there's been something on my mind the past few days that's been happening more and more in my teaching. It's been happening more and more in my events. It's been happening more and more around when I lecture and I want to talk about it. And I was thinking about it as I walking around. I saw this quote by MLK that says, 'Out of [...]

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Do Not Forget & Live From Your Heart

In my travels around the world, I've been to some special places, some amazing places, and I've also been to some somber places. I've been to the prison where Nelson Mandela served the majority of his prison sentence called Robben Island. I've been to a place called Glenora, Mississippi, where Emmett Till was murdered. I've been to the spot where Martin Luther King was murdered. I've been to the home where Medgar Evers was murdered. I've been [...]

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The Past Tells Stories of Your Strength

Perhaps one of the biggest myths about Solution Focused Brief Therapy is this idea that it's all about the future, and that's all we focus on. In fact, I often have people say, "I love Solution Focused Brief Therapy because it's all about the future and we focus on the future". But that's not true. The past is where evidence of your greatness and your strength and your resources are. I'm here. I'm at Texas Wesleyan University. [...]

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SFBT Requires Clinical Confidence to Work with Everyone

I get literally a hundred emails every single day from people asking me questions about Solution Focused Brief Therapy. Like, is it evidence based? And, and where can I get trained? And people asking me all kinds of questions. But I wanna tell you the number one question that drives me nuts. It's actually becoming more and more of like a pet peeve, irritant as the days go on. And the question is, does Solution Focused Brief [...]

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Time Reveals the True Heroes of Justice

The fight for social justice and for equality is a difficult fight because in real time you have to deal with so much hate, anger, and venom that over time dissipates. And let me give you an example. In Little Rock, Arkansas, in Central High School, there were these teenagers called the Little Rock Nine that were gonna be the first teenagers to integrate that high school. Now, there was a woman in this group, a child [...]

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Why Allyship is Essential to Change

I've had the wonderful opportunity to meet some very prominent African Americans and some prominent African Americans who participated in the Civil Rights Movement. And I've learned incredible lessons about them. And one of the most important lessons I'd learned was from a man named Hezekiah Watkins. And it was about the importance of allyship. Just to give you a little bit of background and explain to you who Hezekiah Watkins is. Hezekiah Watkins is one of [...]

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