I’ve been thinking about legacy a little bit lately. And let me tell you why. You can probably tell that I’m in a hotel right now. And the reason I’m in a hotel is because a few months back a storm happened that totaled my house. And it’s finally being repaired. I say a few months back, it’s actually several months back. And this past weekend I watched as a company came into my house and they packed it up. They put everything in boxes and I just kind of watched them put my life in boxes.

And one of the things that they put in a box was a flower that I got while attending my grandmother’s funeral. And I’ll never forget that day. I was sitting at my grandmother’s funeral and just thinking about the life that she led and the impact that she had on many people including me, and I was crying and the person directing the funeral walked over to the casket and he grabbed a rose off the cask and he handed it to me and that rose has sat on my fireplace until it was moved during this packing so the repairs could happen and as I was watching that I was just thinking about the legacy of my grandmother and the impact that my grandmother had on me.

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Like people who know me closely know that I’m not driven by money. I’m not driven by material objects. I’m not driven by fame or status or those things. I live my life because I want to impress my grandmother. I want to make my grandmother proud. I want my grandmother to get an investment on everything that she put into me during some really difficult years in my life.

And even though my grandmother’s not here on the physical earth, like that still drives me. And that’s still a part of me. And it makes me think about you and your legacy, like who are the people who have influenced you and who are you currently influencing to be and do better. And those of you, you know, working with clients, like who are the people that influence your clients.

Some of the most powerful questions you can ask yourself and your clients are questions like who would be the most proud to see you doing this positive thing? Or questions like when they tell you something good, like I was talking to a client the other day who was telling me what she considered to be your greatest strength is her parenting and questions like, where did you learn to be such a quality parent? Because it helps people think about the legacy in their life and how it helps people think about the people who had invested in them. And it helps people really stay honed in on living a life that they’re more satisfied with and more pleased with what they’re doing.

So always think about the people who have invested in you, they matter. And they deserve a return on that investment and the people who have invested in your clients, they matter just as much. And asking your clients about the people who have invested in them is one of the most powerful things you can do just as it is asking yourself.

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