Being an African American in a position of leadership and visibility in this field has been significantly challenging. I’ve dealt with people attempting to defame my name, ruin my reputation, ruin my business, and and try to quiet my voice. And I was thinking about that. I was walking around New York City, one of my favorite places to be is right here in Times Square and I’ve been here several times and I was walking around and I just stopped with my cameraman.

We went and had fish and chips, Gordon Ramsey’s Fish and Chips, which is very popular European British dish. To be specific. We’ve had amazing Italian food here, Indian food, steak houses. And we were having a conversation about how Rich New York City is because of all of the cultural influences that brought their food and their music and their perspectives here. And I was thinking about that in terms of the solution focused community that I came into in 2005,

2006. And they work really, really hard to the like quiet in voice that is innovating and or or doing new things within the field. But in my opinion, that makes the field less rich. That makes the field less dynamic, that makes the field less beautiful. Part of what makes New York City so beautiful is just walking through Times Square. I’ve heard countless accents from people from other places and languages being used from people from other places.

That’s the beauty is people bring their perspectives and add something new and add something invigorating and add something beautiful. I think the solution focused, the protests stagnated because it was the same people saying the same thing for so long. And as I fought to just be able to use my voice, that’s really what what is all about. Like I’m not trying to get rich or famous.

I’m not trying for anything. I just want to be able to use my voice. When people use their voices and they add their perspectives and they add their culture, things get richer. I fought so hard not for money, attention or any of the other things that people accuse me of. I fought so hard so I can add my voice because I think that’s what brings richness.

And I walk around now I’m thinking about Black History Month and I’m so proud to be an African American and I’m so proud to come from the culture that I come from. And I’m so proud to, to be a part of a people that have risen from slavery. And by the way, like it didn’t start with slavery, but just to have risen from that in this American society to where I am now.

And I recognize that I stand on the shoulders of greats that have sacrificed so much for me to be here. But that’s exactly why I fight so much, to be able to use my voice. Those people didn’t sacrifice and die in vain. They sacrificed so that all of our voices can be heard. And that means I have to speak up. Even when it comes at a consequence,

that means I have to speak up even when people get upset. That means I have to speak up even when people get bothered. And that’s the whole point. So if you are watching this video, I hope I inspire you to use your voice because all of us need to contribute in order for this approach to be as rich as it possibly can.