In my travels around the world, I’ve been to some special places, some amazing places, and I’ve also been to some somber places. I’ve been to the prison where Nelson Mandela served the majority of his prison sentence called Robben Island. I’ve been to a place called Glenora, Mississippi, where Emmett Till was murdered. I’ve been to the spot where Martin Luther King was murdered. I’ve been to the home where Medgar Evers was murdered.

I’ve been to some places where some difficult things happened, and I’m now staying in a place called Dachau Concentration Camp in Germany, and this is probably the most somber place I’ve ever been. Like, we’re spending time walking around these grounds and, and knowing what happened right here. Like you can feel it here.Like I have a pit in my stomach and have like this urge to throw up even. Like, it’s, it’s been hard.

It’s been hard. Like the grounds are very much the way they left it when it was liberated in 1945, I guess. But to remember what happened here is I walked through the crematorium and I walked through where the barracks used to be,

and the barrier walls still exist, and the town of Dachau has grown up around this camp. And you can see the walls still exist. Like it’s a, it’s a crazy experience. So crazy that I almost did not make this video. Certainly did not want to make this video, but I felt called to do it for two reasons. As you walk around the grounds here, the words ‘Do not forget’ are inscribed in stone in multiple places. And I wanna make sure that we do not forget what happened here so that it does not happen again.

And the second reason is for a call for kindness. Like we need to be a world of people that is kind to its neighbors and live a life of love and connectivity, and be tied to the people around you so that something like this never happens again. So, you know, usually I sit here and I’m so energetic and I talk to you about Solution Focused Brief Therapy. And I suppose underlining this video is Solution Focused Therapy because I want you to do that work from your heart. And this video is very much a call for two things.

‘Do not forget’ and live from your heart so we can make sure that something like this never happens again.