So I’m on an epic road trip with my camera guy, a guy named Dennis. And we just left Colorado on our way to Los Angeles. And in Los Angeles, I have some really big projects I’m working on and we’re going to meet some people. And we decided to kind of take our time and stop and see some sites. I didn’t know what to expect when I came up here, but I’ll tell you, there are two overwhelming experiences I’m having right now.

I wouldn’t have described myself as a person afraid of heights, but this is an overwhelmingly high structure that I’m standing on with a look at this damn. I mean, it is just overwhelming so much so that it’s scary. And I think about the people that were working here, like the walkway you come up is named after a man who lost his life in the construction.

Like this is an overwhelmingly massive structure that causes considerable fear. So that’s the first thing that stands out to me as I stand on this bridge. The second feeling I have is about dreams. You know, my life has gotten very surreal. I hope you follow me on social media. I hope you follow my email list. If not, I’ll put the links on the page, or I’ll have Dennis do it, but I want to take you along for the journey.

And you’ve seen that I’ve had some epic experiences and I’ve got to see some things. When I was a kid, I would see the Hoover Dam in movies, on television. And my life was as far away from this place, and this moment as could be possible.

My life, I mean, I had no financial resources. I had nothing to predict that my life would end up here except dreams. As a child I dreamt of the future I wanted to have, and it gave me a robust amount of hope. So when I come up here and I look, what I experienced is like gratitude and appreciation. Like I can’t believe this moment is happening.

I’m standing at the Hoover Bridge and there was once a time in my life I literally didn’t think that was possible. The only thing I had was dreams. So why do I tell you that? Because dreams are so powerful that simply believing them increases the likelihood that they will occur. That’s why I take my audience on the journey with me, because I want you to dream.

I want you to believe, I want you to watch these experiences and think if Elliott can go from where he started to where he is, then I can too. If Elliott can grow beyond the constraints of poverty and abuse and struggle and can end up where it is, I want you to see that and think then I can too. I want you to believe in your dreams by see what has happened in my life.

So when I look at this dam, I can’t help but think about ten-year-old Elliott and how that kid had no reason whatsoever to believe that this moment would happen, but believed anyway. And believing in dreams increases the likelihood that they will happen. So if all you have is a dream, my life is evidence that that is more than enough.

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