I came all the way to the Grand Canyon to talk to you about greatness. I get obsessed a little bit with greatness and change and helping people to accomplish the greatest version of themselves. And the number one skill you need in order to become everything you want to become, in order to accomplish the greatest of greatnesses is persistence.

The reason why the Grand Canyon has always represented greatness to me is because this is one of the most beautiful things in the world. It’s literally one of the natural wonders of the world. And as far as I can see, like my breath is taken. Like, this is amazing. It’s actually my first time here. I’ve never seen this before. And as far as I can see, I’m just blown away. And I keep reminding myself that all of this was done by a river.

All of this was carved over the course of time by a flowing river. And the reason that’s so important is because persistence is how you accomplish greatness. I see so many people with real big ambitions and real big dreams, and they take the first step towards their ambition, towards that dream. And they don’t get the feedback that they want, or it doesn’t work out the way they want.

And then they stop and then they quit. And I think to myself, This is what happens when you’re persistent. You carve out beauty. So what would happen in your life if you took that first step towards greatness, and then no matter what, you took a followup step and another step and another step. In time, you would carve out beauty in your life.

That’s what this represents to me. And I came all the way here to tell you that message. I came all the way here, because I want you to understand that everything you want in your life is within your grasp if you’re willing to be persistent. You know, in Solution Focused Brief Therapy, we’re working with our clients and we help them to identify what their desires are from the therapy.

But really what we’re asking is what is the greatness that you want to pursue? And oftentimes our job is to help our clients stay focused and stay persistent because it doesn’t matter what the aim is. If they can do those things, they’re going to be successful. Too many times, people get obsessed with like the techniques of Solution Focused Brief Therapy. And they email me.

I literally get hundreds of emails every day from people saying, how do I do this, when the client does this? What do I do? And for me, it’s always about supporting your clients and taking the stance that I know that if you keep working, if you keep moving, if you keep moving in the right direction, you’re eventually going to get to your destination.

So really the underpinning of this entire approach, the underpinning of anyone on earth, helping someone else to become their greatest self is to help them to persistent, to help them to stay on the path. Because when you do beauty as possible!

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