I just got done hosting an event that we called the Solution Focused Brief Therapy Mental Health Summit, the Fall 2023 edition. First time we’ve ever done this event. We’re definitely gonna do it next year. And what made this event so amazing and so special is not only did we teach Solution Focused Brief Therapy, but we invited guests.

Mim Rivas is an author, she wrote The Pursuit of Happiness, that turned into the movie, starring Will Smith, and many other things.

Christina Davis, is a former head of Starz network, and a long time network executive.

Jason Lee, the president and founder of Hollywood Unlocked.

Tiffany Haddish, the comedian and movie star.

Justin Hires, the actor and comedian, he’s the star of the reboot TV show called MacGyver.

And what made it so special is, I think it got to the heart of Solution Focused Brief Therapy, and the way that we do it. It’s not about the techniques, it’s about your belief in people.

Each and every one of those people talked about how they weren’t always successful, and have they had to overcome obstacles and challenges and difficulties and things that were hard in their life to achieve epic utter greatness.

And the lesson there is that, “If I can start my life in the most difficult of circumstances, with everything seemingly against me, and then climb my mountain, then everybody else can do it too.” And I want to emphasize ‘my mountain’, ’cause not everybody has the same mountain. Not everybody has the same goal. Not everybody has the same thing that they’re trying to achieve, but everybody has their mountain that they have to climb.

To have these people come and share their stories, and the way that they’ve addressed mental health, the way that they have overcome obstacles, the way that they have worked to succeed and achieve, was epic on a level that I can’t even describe to you. But that’s really what this approach and this event was about.

I’m honestly just kind of taking it all in now. There’s never been an event like this in the history of this field, and the fact that we pulled it off, and the fact that so many people, we had hundreds of people, we had a few there live in the room with us, and others on Zoom virtually, it was truly an epic experience.

The lesson I want you to learn, is that everyone can overcome the challenges in their life to achieve greatness in their life. That includes the people that I just referred to, that we interviewed at this event, but it also includes every single one of your clients. It’s more important that you believe in them than any technique you will ever use as a therapist.

So hold on to belief, when you’re working with your clients.

I’m in LA right now still. We had this event on Sunset [Boulevard], in Hollywood, and I’m just gonna take a walk and just take in this moment and experience.

I hope something in your life has touched you in this way. I hope that you get that message, and I hope you apply it in your Solution Focused work, I promise it’ll make all the difference.