The journey for me in this professional field has been a really, really long one. Like I can remember being in graduate school and learning all these things about theory and learning all the historical figures that have been in this field, and all the contemporary figures we’ve been in this field, and I wanted to be the best clinical person I could be. I wanted to be the,

the best version of me I could be in this field, and I wanted to be, like as an African American male who wasn’t seeing a lot of representation in my field. I wanted to like, make an impact. And here I am now all these years later and I’ve become like the G.O.A.T. Like I’m really, and I don’t say that arrogantly that I’m the greatest. I say that in honor of all the people that train me.

Like I stand on the shoulder of giants and greats, and if I don’t carry it further than they carried it, then I didn’t do my job. So when I tell y’all like I’m the G.O.A.T, like it’s, it’s actually measurable. Like I have the biggest following, the largest training organization,

I really became that dude. And I wanna tell you how I did it, because I want all of you to become the best version of yourself. I want all of you to become the G.O.A.T. I want all of you to be impactful figures in this field. I’m gonna tell you exactly how I did it. There are two traits that I leaned on that I didn’t realize would be the traits that would carry me to the place that they have.

The first one is hard work. You have to be prepared to work hard if you’re going to be the very best of yourself in any endeavor. If you’re watching this and you’re Psychotherapist great, work hard to become the best Psychotherapist you could possibly be. You have to learn more than theory. You have to learn more than the history of the approach. You have to actually master the skills associated with the type of therapy that you want to do.

Now, if you’re not a Psychotherapist’s, great, you still have to master the skill. One time, I was seeing a client who was a very well-known chef, and this very well-known chef asked me, do you know why I’m a better chef than you? And I said, no. And he said, because I was willing to burn more dishes and not quit than you were.

And that’s how we became a master chef, is by working hard and spending hours in the kitchen, spending hours in front of the stove, spending hours in the oven, and became a master chef. So that’s the first skill you have to draw upon if you wanna become the G.O.A.T. That’s the first skill that I drew upon.

Second is care. You know, I see people all the time posting on social media and it’s obvious like they’re posting for attention, they’re posting for likes. But when I started using social media, then ultimately my email list, I genuinely care about the work that the people who follow me do. Because most of the following that… people who follow me are psychotherapists in the beginning, all of them Psychotherapists.

I genuinely care about you as a professional. I genuinely care about the work that you do and the clients that you see. So the stuff that I put on social media is genuinely to help you be better at the craft of Psychotherapy. I also care about you as a person. And the truth is, life is hard, man. Like the world we live in is difficult.

And if I could do one thing, it would be to inspire you. I can’t make the world any safer or any softer, but I can make you more resilient, make you more prepared to deal with the hardness that is this world. So I wanna create content that inspires you. I don’t care about likes, I don’t care about views, I don’t care about attention.

I care about the people who follow me. You genuinely enrich my life. You know, when I open my phone and I see people confirming like, man, that that message you just made inspired me. That video you just made informed me. That video you just made touched me, man, like that makes my life. So I genuinely want you to know if you want to, if you wanna become great, if you want to build a brand, if you want to like achieve success professionally, be prepared to work super duper hard and be prepared to outcare your competition.

Because most people, I’m telling you, they’re putting stuff out there just to like get sales or they’re putting stuff out there to get attention. They’re putting stuff out there to get likes. They’re putting us out there to get views. They put stuff out there to get subscribers. I don’t care if I have one subscriber. I just want to inspire the hell out of that one subscriber. I don’t care if I have one view. I hope that one person who watched it loved it, and it touched them. If you want to be successful,you gotta outwork your competition and you gotta outcare your competition. And that’s exactly how I became the G.O.A.T.