I’m up here at the top of this mountain called Eagle Rock, outside of L.A., and it was absolute hell to get up here. I’m the only one in a hoodie, if you circle a camera around, you’ll see nobody else wearing a hoodie, ’cause I’m stupid, they’re smart.

We talk about psychotherapy as a mindset. I want to talk about mindset about how I got up here. Because I was told that the first hundred yards was really hard, then it gets easy. But it was literally all uphill, getting up here. Literally no flat, all uphill. And you have to make up your mind that you’re just gonna get to the end.

When you do that, you don’t think about obstacles. You don’t think about how hot it is. You don’t think about how much water you don’t have. You don’t think about how many layers you’re wearing. In order to get somewhere. I heard a quote once where it said, “Left foot, right foot, breathe, repeat.” If you could do that…

[Tiffany Haddish] “Then pick it up. Pick it up, pick it up, pick it up.”

[Elliott Connie] It’s not a rap song.

[Tiffany Haddish] “Yeah. Left foot, right foot. Pick it up, pick it up, pick it up, pick it up, pick it up. Go, go.”

[Elliott Connie, jokingly] Dennis, my editor extraordinaire, edit all that out.

[Voice] I think that’s the video.

[Elliott Connie] She went to the philosophical school of T-Pain. She came up to the top of this thing right there, if you fall off that cliff, there’s nothing but certain doom. And my homie was up there rapping her raps on dancing. I don’t know how you do that.

[Tiffany Haddish] “Celebration, we made it to the top. You gotta celebrate, bro.

[Elliott Connie] The point is, you’d accomplish anything if you just focus on left foot, right foot, breathe, repeat. That includes difficult therapy sessions. And that includes climbing up this hellish mountain with some super dope people that I just met hanging out with today.

And also, another trick to accomplish anything. There were times where I actually thought, “Man, I can’t go any further.” And there’s a thing you can do to trick your brain, and that is, turn around and look how far you’ve come, and your brain instantly gets stronger. Because when you look at evidence of your success, you become more anticipatory of future success.

[Tiffany Haddish] And you also build up your glute muscles walking backwards a little bit. And it’s good for your knees to walk backwards. A lot of people don’t walk backwards. And that’s the problem with y’all knees. So you are not walking backwards. You got to take a few steps, turn around and walk backwards. You’re still going forward, but you’re doing it backwards. You’re seeing where you came from. Then you turn back around, you know where you going. Hello! Take it over, Elliott.

[Elliott Connie, laughing] How do you know to say? She’s actually correct. Because when you turn around and walk backwards and work on your glutes and your knees, you are also tricking your brain because you are seeing how far you’ve come. And that’s an easy way to program you to keep going forward.

Life is so much better when you just focus on basic things, and keep moving forward. That’s where you accomplish great things. Thank y’all for watching. Thank you for following me. Thank you Tiffany.

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