When I went to graduate school, my biggest dream was to use my story, my life, my language to help people and inspire them to live happier, better lives. And then I discovered this thing called Solution Focused Brief Therapy. And I felt like I’d come home. Like it was the only thing I studied or read about in graduate school that made complete and total sense to me. When I got into practice, I loved it. It was a joy, like it was a dream come true. But part of it was unsatisfying because I realized that there was something else.

I wanted to make Solution, Focused Brief Therapy more accessible to the public. I wanted to make more people aware that you can actually experience therapy in a very different way. It doesn’t have to be about your flaws and your problems.

It can be about your heart, your inspiration, and you evolving into your best self. As an African-American, I also wanted to make sure that my culture, my community began to access this tool, begin to access mental health. Being African-American, I think there’s a lot of trauma that we experience. There’s a lot of struggle that we experience, and I wanted to do my part to make psychotherapy accessible to this community.

This video,

it’s really just me saying “Thank you”, because for the past almost two decades, I’ve been doing this work and so many people have supported me. And so many people have let me train them, and read my books, and attended my events, and trusted me with their learning. It means the world to me because this week something major happened.

I did an interview, and that interview has been viewed by literally millions of people. It’s the biggest day Solution Focused Brief Therapy has ever had. More people got exposed to what this is and allowed me to explain it to them in a way that hasn’t ever happened before. And as an African-American, it was a heavily African-American platform that it was on.

So I got to speak to those people. I could speak to my people about what this is. And I’m just touched, I’m just deeply touched. So I wanted to make a video, say “Thank you”, how much I love y’all for supporting me. Cause your inspiration means more to me than I’m capable of putting in words. But I can promise you this is just the beginning.

We’re gonna keep going, we’re gonna keep growing, we’re gonna keep doing things. I just want to make sure that you guys know how much I love and appreciate you, so deep thanks. Now, if you wanna see that interview, the interview I did, we’ll put the link in the description, make sure you can see it. I went super deep.

I talked about my family, I talked about Solution Focused Brief Therapy. I talked about me. And, I talked about mental health. So seriously, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. Please keep supporting me. Please keep rocking with me. Please keep inspiring me and I promise to do my very best and inspire you right back.