Well, here it is. I am ending a two month trip to Los Angeles, and I’m sitting here in the LAX Sky Lounge, Delta Sky Lounge, reflecting on what this two months has been like. Two months ago, in late June when I came out here to L.A., I came out here to work on my TV project, and I wanted to come and get everything I needed to do, done, so a network could pick up the show. That’s the stage we’re at now. We’re just proposing our show to a network, so they’ll pick up. But so much more has happened.

In the time that I’ve been here. I’ve made some really, really close friends. I have made some already friends even closer. And, the most shocking thing, honestly, is I’ve begun doing standup comedy. If you had told me two months ago that I would be doing standup comedy in front of sold out audiences, in front of world famous comedians like Tiffany Haddish, I would not have believed you. It just sounds so crazily outlandish. But two months later, I’m getting on this plane leaving and it’s like a whole new version of me.

Not just the comedian version, but, I’ve just evolved and grown over these two months. And, the reason I wanna share that with you is kind of twofold.

Number one, always be open to new opportunities because, your greatest version of yourself is on the other side of your comfort zone. It was really nerve wracking to walk out on that stage in San Jose, California, in this sold out arena and do a thing I’d never done before. It was very nerve wracking, but I did it. And it turns out I’m pretty good at it. I’m not perfect. There’s definitely stuff I gotta get better at, and stuff I gotta do, but it’s definitely a thing I can do and I thoroughly enjoy it. And I love the work. I love that world. And, I never would’ve discovered that had I not tried it. So remember that your greatest version of yourself is on the other side of your comfort zone. So be willing and available to do things that initially make you uncomfortable.

The other thing this has me thinking about is clients. How often do clients come to therapy uncomfortable. I saw a client today, it was the first time I was meeting with this client, and she was super nervous and super uncomfortable. But that means she’s about to go through a transformation process that can completely change her life. It means she’s going through that same process of… “My healing is on the other side of my comfort zone.” And I think that’s a massive lesson.

I just lived it. These two months have transformed my life. I have deeper friendships. We’re much close to getting a television show to the point where a network can pick it up. And I have started doing this brand new thing. Now, as far as comedy goes, I’m not at a point where it’s like, “Oh, I’m gonna work to make sure I make myself a world famous comic.” But what I am gonna do is enjoy it. I find it fun, and I just want to keep working at it so I can get good at it. And remember guys, your clients are transforming through the conversations that you’re having with them. And it’s shocking to me how many therapists I talk to that don’t understand and/or believe in the power of transformation. I just lived through it and it’s been amazing.

I went to award shows. I went to red carpets, I went to Hollywood parties, I went to movie premieres. I met celebrities. I did all of these crazy things and it pushed me beyond my comfort level. And now I feel like I’ve grown and evolved and I’m stepping into this new version of me, this new future, and I’m super excited about it.

So I share that with you to hopefully inspire you to believe in your client’s transformation and believe in yourself as well. So I gotta go, I gotta go catch my flight back to Dallas, where it’s 109 degrees. The L.A. weather is perfect. And now I gotta go back to, like, the surface of the sun. But I’m excited to get home, sleep in my own bed, and do all the things I normally do in my own world.

Thank y’all so much for watching. Remember to believe in the power of transformation, and I hope that you have observed mine, and thank you for being a part of mine, and watching my transformation.