Life is not easy. We all have challenges to overcome and difficulties that occur and figuring out to keep going to important. In this video I visit my childhood home to share a message of how this can be done in anyone’s life and help them to overcome their problems.

So I just drove a 963 miles from, uh, Dallas, Texas to Chicago, Illinois to bring my mother some of her stuff. She, my mother moved from Texas to Chicago because this is where my family is from, which by the way, this house is really important. I’m going to tell you why in a minute. And um, she left a lot of our stuff in storage. So me and my best friend just drove 963 miles in a uhaul to bring her stuff. And while we were driving, I kept having this thought – that’s a long drive. We drove it straight through. It took us about 16 hours and um, I want to remind everybody not to forget to look behind you. You know, people think about solution focused, brief therapy being all about the future. But the past is where evidence of your successes and the way this trip went.

I mean, 963 miles in one go is a long drive. So I took the first leg and I drove up to 600 miles. And that personally, again, it was so long, one of the ways that I kept myself energized instead of focusing on how much time I had left, I kept looking backwards, right? I kept looking at the map, looking backwards at how much I had already crossed and somehow seeing how much I’d already accomplished would give me energy to accomplish even more. But I think sometimes we forget to look backwards. I think sometimes we forget to notice how much we’ve already accomplished and we forget to notice how far we’ve already come. So thus we don’t experience that energy moves from, from just being aware of what you’ve already accomplished, which you’ve already been through. So never ever forget to look behind you in your journey.

And behind me, so this is the house I grew up in. I was born in Chicago, Illinois. Um, it’s really kind of this nostalgic and weird for me to look at. And I remember this neighborhood, I moved from here when I was real young, but even just standing in this spot, like I used to play right here, you know, they say you have to be home before the street lights came on. That’s the street light that I had to be home before it came on. And I can’t help but think about how far I’ve come from this little neighborhood in Chicago with, um, some of the difficult things that happened in my family throughout my life. This is where it all started. And now I’m 42 years old and I just love life and I love what I do and I love how I do it and where I do it and all the rest of it.

But like, this is where it started. So I come here, I wanted to bring my best friend here to, to see, um, where I come from. He’s from Texas and I’ve been around his family and I’ve been around where he grew up and I wanted to show him where I come from. A, now I’m in this spot next door and my best friend, his name was Wilbur. That’s where he used to live. Um, it’s just an interesting thing. So look, the future matters. It’s important because that’s where we’re going to spend the rest of our lives. One of my quotes is I, I painted you into the future because that’s where I’m going to live the rest of my life. And it matters. It’s important, but never forget to acknowledge the past because it’s equally important because that’s where evidence of your brilliance and wonderfulness exists.

That’s where you acknowledge how far you’ve come and you and you get energy from all this stuff you’ve accomplished in your past. And I cannot help but look at this small house in this really dangerous neighborhood in Chicago and not think about how far I’ve come and, and, and all of the people that contributed to it. So, uh, don’t forget to look in your past. Don’t forget to look behind you and find the successes in your life and acknowledge how far your journey has brought you. I don’t think psychologically I could have handled this 963 mile drive if I didn’t continuously look at how far I’d already come. Because before you know it, it just got pretty cool. It’s like, Oh man, look, we’re more than halfway there. Oh Man, look, we how many people driven 800 miles in a day like that. That’s kind of how your mindset works.

And I look here and I think, yeah, my life is not perfect and there’s some challenges and things that happened, but how many people could make it out of there and, and, and, uh, turn something out of their life. And I happened to be one of them. So, um, don’t forget to look in the past of your story as well. So thank you for watching this video. Please give me a like, give me a share, subscribe to my youtube channel and hit that bell down there so that you will be able to get notifications when I post videos to my page. Um, I adore you guys. Thank you so, so much. I appreciate the love and I’ll see you in the next video.