I have received this question so frequently in the last year. What is the difference between motivational interviewing and solution focused? Are they the same? Well, they’re certainly similar, but they have their own defining characteristics.

Okay. So look before I talked to you about what I’m going to say in this video, and this video is going to be pretty awesome. I’m going to share a really important message. But before I do, I am so excited. If you know me, you know, I love clothes that match. And I bought these shoes that I like years ago, and it’s a very unusual kind of pinkish reddish color. And then I found the shirt that matches it. So look at this, look, look, the shirt, shoes! So Epic! I’m so excited about that it’s crazy.

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But look, so what I want to talk to you about today is, something that has gone on in this world of psychotherapy in the past couple of years where I keep getting asked, people saying things like, what’s the difference between Motivational Interviewing and Solution Focused? And can I combine Motivational Interviewing and Solution Focused? And, are they the same? And is Motivational Interviewing and Solution Focused the same? I think we get too hung up on how things are similar and cause us to get confused because the truth is all psychotherapy approaches have some things similar and some things different, but the differences are significant and they matter even if there are few differences.

Motivational interviewing and Solution Focused Brief Therapy are two completely different ways to go about helping people, even though some of the language may be similar. And I’m going to use an example to prove to you that sometimes small is significant. But the DNA of a human being and a chimpanzee is different by less than 2%. Human beings and chimpanzees are identical at almost 99% of the DNA, but that 2% that is different is significant and creates all of the things that make a chimpanzee and a human being so easily discernible.

Think about that for a second. So even if there are some things similar between Motivational Interviewing and Solution Focused Brief Therapy, don’t let yourself get confused by the similarities because the differences are where the discernment happens.

The differences are significant, even if they are few. And I want you to understand that changing one small thing makes the entire approach different. Now there’s a lot more different between Solution Focused and Motivational Interviewing to just one small thing. But I want to make the point that just because some things have a little bit similar doesn’t mean that they’re identical and thus I should put them in the same bucket. They are very different. And I want you to understand that.

Hey, thank you so much for watching that video. I really appreciate you guys listening to me share my thoughts and ideas about Solution Focused Brief Therapy and as I try to make you the very best Solution Focused Brief Therapists that you could possibly be.

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