I’ve been working on something with my team for nearly two years, and we just announced it to the world and I’m blown away because this tool, it’s gonna make therapists better at the number one thing they need to get better at, and that is using language to create questions in session that move your clients’ lives forward.

You know, we go to school and we learn about theory, and we learn about techniques, and we learn about history of approaches. But that’s not actually how you create change.

I was talking to somebody. If I talk to you and I said, “I challenge you to get really good at basketball.” And I’m gonna teach you the history of basketball, I’m gonna tell you who invented basketball. I’m gonna tell you some of the major players in basketball, and then I’m gonna hand you a basketball and say, “Now go play.”

Does any of that information make you better at playing? The only thing that makes you better at playing, is playing, and therapy is the same. We went to graduate school and we learned about the history of the approaches. We learned about the techniques, and we learned about the major players and then they said, “Go play.” And the only way to get better is to go out on that field and play.

But the problem is we’re not playing with basketballs. We’re playing with real human lives and human experiences. And I’ve been thinking for years, how do we get better at the skill of asking questions without interrupting someone’s lives in a negative way. Without accidentally causing harm, causing damage, or making a mistake?

So for two years, my team, we’ve been working with the tech division of our company to build an AI simulated therapy experience that would allow therapists to practice their skills and master the art of therapy, of healing, of asking questions that lead clients to change their lives in positive ways. The skill of using language in session to masterfully create change.

And now it’s here, solution focused client AI is here for the world. So we have six virtual clients and they each can speak. They’re bilingual, so they can speak English and Spanish with more languages to come. So, and each client has their own case outline with what they’ve come into therapy for. So I will see what’s happening with Carlos. I better move all my things out of the way.

Okay. Hi Carlos. What are your best hopes from our talking. Hi. My best hope from our talking is to find ways to cope with my depression, sleep disturbances and insomnia. And what difference would it make to you if you could find ways to cope with your depression, sleep disturbances, and insomnia. If I could find ways to cope with my depression,

sleep disturbances and insomnia, it would make a huge difference in my life. I would be able to experience more joy, feel more at peace, and have the energy to engage in activities that I enjoy. So I’m just gonna demonstrate here that I can switch my question up if I’m not really happy with it. And what difference would it make to you if you could sleep?

But I’m not really happy with that question, so I’m gonna clear it and ask another question. And what difference would it make to you to experience joy, feel at peace, and have some more energy? Experiencing joy, feeling at peace, and having more energy would make a world of difference to me. It would uplift my spirits, help me feel more grounded and allow me to tackle each day with a positive outlook.

And I want you to understand how important it is to use language to create change, and how important it’s to focus on skill and not just knowledge. That’s what this represents. A focus on skill and not just knowledge. If you are watching this video, that means that this is available to, or if you’re watching this video immediately after we published it,

that means that this is available to you and you can sign up and you can join this movement to make sure that you are on the forefront of Solution, Focused Brief Therapy training going into the future. Because AI is the future. It’s whether we like it or not, AI is here to stay. So we’ve gotta think of ways. How do we use AI to master our skills?

Imagine if you don’t do this and every other therapist does it, your skill’s gonna be left behind and gonna be antiquated. So if you’re watching this shortly after this has been published, you have the ability to sign up for our beta testers, which is a special low rate and a special low price. So sign up. Welcome to a new world of Solution Focused Brief Therapy training.

The future is here.