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Why We Can’t Let Racism Go Unchecked

This past week marked a year since I had to do one of the hardest things I ever had to do in my life and certainly in my career. And that is, I had to stand up to what I perceived as a racist attack by somebody in my field. I'm not gonna go super into it, like the details of it. I made a video about it, I dealt with it, I addressed it (last year). [...]

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How Discomfort Leads to Self-Discovery

We often have the bad habit of avoiding the things that we're intimidated to try, not knowing that doing the thing we're afraid of might help us learn vital things about ourselves. Today we'll discus how doing what you're afraid to do might reveal hidden traits in you and how I discovered mine doing Stand-Up Comedy as a Psychotherapist!

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How to Get Through Anything!

I'm up here at the top of this mountain called Eagle Rock, outside of L.A., and it was absolute hell to get up here. I'm the only one in a hoodie, if you circle a camera around, you'll see nobody else wearing a hoodie, 'cause I'm stupid, they're smart. We talk about psychotherapy as a mindset. I want to talk about mindset about how I got up here. Because I was told that the first hundred yards [...]

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The Correct Way to Learn SFBT

Solution Focused Brief Therapy. It's a very simple way to do the job of psychotherapy, but it's very, very hard. And the reason it's hard, is cuz it's actually hard to stay so simple in the complicated scenarios that typically come up in a psychotherapy session. But one of the reasons it's harder is because we go about learning it in the wrong way. I wanna make this video so that you understand why you need to [...]

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Dreaming Big Accelerates Progress

This past week, I had an incredible experience where I got to go visit the United Kingdom. There was a conference going on over there. I decided at the last minute I wanted to go visit this conference. I wanted to just attend. I wanted to visit friends. I have some friends that were presenting at this conference, and I just wanted to show support. I realized something when I arrived there, it was so cool to [...]

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How Enthusiasm Impacts Your Work

Earlier today I had a conversation about Solution Focused Brief Therapy that was unlike any other conversation I'd ever had, and it was so amazing and wonderful, I wanted to share an aspect of it. These days in my life, I get interviewed a lot. I get interviewed by large newspapers, podcasts, and it's just growing and scaling, and it's fun and it's amazing. Earlier today I got interviewed for a newsletter that is associated with the [...]

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