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SFBT Moments

Solution Focused Brief Therapy Is About The Small Things

Practicing solution focused brief therapy can be isolating and very hard. People have often asked me how I made the switch from my original form of therapy to SFBT. And I just want you to know that I understand the pressure that comes with that question. Practicing Solution Focused Brief Therapy can be isolating and very, very hard. People often ask me, like, how do you go from doing like CBT or whatever it was you [...]

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The Land of Opportunity

So I'm standing here. That's Ellis island where millions upon millions of immigrants first arrived in America here in New York city. Over my other shoulders, the statue of Liberty, and for many generations of immigrants coming to this country, these places, this place, that sign represented hope for a new future. Hope for change. Hope for dream accomplishment. I mean, people came to America and called it the land of opportunity. And this is where they [...]

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Should We Share Our Good News in Difficult Times?

So like many of you, I look around the world that we live in and I'm so saddened and scared even, like the issues going on in Europe and the invasion of Ukraine that is happening, natural disasters happening in Australia, gas prices all over the world. And that might sound silly, but there are some families that are really having to make choices between getting to work and feeding their kids. Like it's just a crazy [...]

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Unlikely Friendships We Cherish

Okay. I just spent the past couple of hours in the spy museum here in Washington DC, and there's unbelievably crazy cool things like covert operations that are now revealed. Tools and tricks and techniques that spies have used to keep secrets and accomplishment all of the time. But one of the things that really touched me was the story about these guys named Mohab and Gonin. So Mohab was from a middle Eastern country. And he [...]

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STANDING UP FOR WHAT’S RIGHT | A Message to My Friends in Russia

You know, for the last several years, over a decade, probably around 15 years, my life has been surreal. I have gotten the opportunity to travel the world. I've been to over 30 countries and you know, this was not a life I ever anticipated I would be in. Growing up as a kid I did not have a ton of resources. I had all kinds of problems in my childhood that I needed to overcome. And [...]

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How Does SFBT Work with Serious Problems?

One of the things that we, as a Solution Focused community have had a difficult time explaining, and I think this goes back historically, is how do you use the Solution Focused approach with clients who are struggling with real significance, and really impactful mental issues. And people ask me all of the time, like Elliott, what do you do with someone who is very, very, very depressed? Or what do you do with someone who is [...]

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