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We Must Continue to Make Black History

I'm the very first African American to write a book about Solution Focused Brief Therapy. And I've written five. I'm the very first African American to publish an article about Solution Focused Brief Therapy, and I've done so in multiple journals. I'm the very first African American to do a keynote lecture at a conference related to Solution Focused Brief Therapy. I'm the very first African American to host a conference about Solution Focused Brief Therapy. I've [...]

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Black History is about Triumph not Tragedy

When I was a kid, my family, my mother and my two brothers, and I, we would take long road trips. Sometimes we would drive from Massachusetts where I lived, and we would drive to Chicago, Illinois. And that took us across New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, and then in Illinois. And Indiana was one of the most racist places that we would encounter. And I have lots of stories of encounters we had with police and, [...]

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Navigating Past the Haters

So I'm starting to notice something developing in my life, something I've never dealt with before, and it's something that I've seen happening to other people and I've never seen it happen to me. And it's people like hating on you. You know, there's something about success that breeds jealousy, envy, and hatred. And I want to talk about that today because I think, one of the things I love so much about the work that I [...]

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How I Became the G.O.A.T

The journey for me in this professional field has been a really, really long one. Like I can remember being in graduate school and learning all these things about theory and learning all the historical figures that have been in this field, and all the contemporary figures we've been in this field, and I wanted to be the best clinical person I could be. I wanted to be the, the best version of me I could be [...]

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We Need to View our Work in a Positive Context

Today, I wanna talk to you about energy. Right now I'm here with my guy, Dr. Adam Froerer. We're getting ready to release our next book, and we're in a studio to do the recording for the audio book. And we were just told, go to this place, Adam nor I are in the recording industry. We're not musicians or any of that stuff. They just told us a place. And just like regular people, we put [...]

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Train to Never Get it Wrong

Let me tell you about one of my guilty pleasures. I am someone who will get lost on Youtube watching inspirational videos. I will get lost on Instagram looking at reels and TikTok's about things that inspire me, motivational things. And one of the videos I saw recently was a video where this guy was explaining, he was a basketball coach, and he was talking to his team, and I think he was a former basketball player. [...]

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