Becoming proficient with the Solution Focused Approach is extremely hard work. This approach requires a level of discipline and fidelity that surpasses what is needed to be effective with other approaches to psychotherapy. Not that learning other approaches is not challenging, there is just something very different about using SFBT due to the incredible focus on language in the sessions.

Learning to use the language of SFBT as well as the language the client uses during the conversation requires attention and precision on behalf of the clinician. Learning about the “techniques” is simply not enough, you must learn about the language and you must practice, practice, practice using it. There is just no way around it. This requires work, effort and practice.

As you learn this approach please don’t forget to add practice time. Read books, attend trainings and do anything else you can to become familiar with solution focused ideas and literature but also, form discussion groups with your colleagues and classmates. Conduct role-plays and do practice exercises to develop your skill in applying this language in real time, practice sticking with the activity of Solution Building keep digging, keep asking questions. Once you feel comfortable and confident, apply this skill with clients, jump in with both feet, and trust the model and the process.

You will soon see you are on your way to Solution Land!

Elliott Connie