So right now I’m in the middle of a free masterclass training that I’m doing with my good friend and colleague, Dr. Adam Froerer about using the Solution Focused approach with teenagers, children, and their families. And it’s so much fun. We’ve had, well over 3000 people sign up. The engagement and enthusiasm around this training has been crazy.

It’s just been, it’s been super duper amazing. But one of the things that it has me doing is thinking about the beginning of my work as a Solution Focused Brief Therapist. You see these days I’m known for something we call the Diamond Approach, it’s how you kind of walk your way through Solution Focused sessions, and about my work in Solution Building Couples Therapy, which is how you apply the Solution Focused approach to couples.

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But this actually started for me when I was working with teenagers in Fort worth, Texas that had gone through a drug court program. That’s actually where I first started using Solution Focused Brief Therapy. And I think back, as I’ve been doing throughout this week, talking to people about using this approach with children and families.

I think about those families that I saw in those early days, and I just have this incredible sense of gratitude because they actually taught me the most important lessons in Solution Focused Brief Therapy. And that is that anyone to change. Now I worked with kids who had like long standing histories of not having academic success. I worked with kids who had longstanding hospitalizations.

I worked with kids who have had a long standing history of violating rules at home and parents who were just hopeless that their children could become any different or do anything different other than violating the rules and having the struggles and troubles that they were having. And now, like I actually hear from clients that I saw way back then, 15 years ago, they are lawyers.

Uh, one of them is a police officer. Like I have clients that completely turned their lives around and they contact me to thank me for the role that I played. Now, it’s such an honor to be considered someone who would play a positive role in someone’s life, but more than anything, that’s the message that I want people to get that are going through this free masterclass series, or just listening to my material at all.

Like Solution Focused Brief Therapy is great. And I want you to know how to ask the miracle question and how to ask clients about their desired outcome and how to ask scaling questions, and exceptions, all of it. But more than anything else, I want you to know how to believe in your client with so much stubbornness, with so much like resoluteness, with so much strength because you know anyone can change.

Almost all of those clients I saw back then the predictions of what their live would look like was quite grim, was quite negative, was quite clouded by the struggles in their life, but now like with the impact of hope and time, clients have lived more positive and better lives. And it is amazing to me when I get an email from somebody saying, thank you for the role you played in my life when I was a 16 year old, I’m now a mother of two children living a really happy positive life and you were the first person to believe in me.

That’s why we got into this work. That’s why we do what we do. And that’s actually the single most important thing in Solution Focused Brief Therapy. Having the ability to believe that your client can change regardless of their circumstances. Like, truly believing that anyone can change and create a better life for themselves. That’s what this is all about. That’s what hope is all about. And I hope that’s what you guys are getting, everyone who’s going through the free masterclass, but also anyone who’s watching this video as well.

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