Yo big day, big day. So it’s the beginning of the week and I’ve got some major projects going on this week. And to help me with these major projects, help me do a good job. My good buddy Adam Froerer is driving to Texas, and we’re going to blow you guys away with the stuff that we got coming. So I’m on my way to meet them right now. Let’s go.

He made it! Look, there he is. There’s Adam. We got him. We are on our way to my favorite grocery store, which has the most delicious, it’s one of those places that sometimes when you go to the grocery store and it’s like, no I don’t like their stuff. This place the fruit is amazing, like it’s so, so amazing because we have to eat healthily.

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We have to eat well on this particular trip, on every trip., We have to just do good. We got to do good like, for the rest of the life. And we also have a ton of work to do. We have some projects in the works. There are some things that are happening, but the highlight right now is our newest upcoming program called ‘Solution Impossible’,

which, you know, some people experience Solution Focused Brief Therapy that’s like, I think when you talk to someone about Solution Focused Therapy, because it’s so different than like traditional ways of working, their immediate response is like, they sit and find exceptions. So like when you teach, it’s like, you know, here’s what to do with our clients.

And we ask them about the desired outcome and we do descriptions about their future. And then they’re sitting in the audience and thinking, but what about those clients who have like one leg, did not have a mom, but they did have three uncles. How does it work with them? Right. So what we’re going to do is we’re going to talk about like the hardest, most difficult scenarios that are literally impossible. We’re going to do a training on how to use Solution Focused Brief Therapy when it’s like, can’t be done.

Yeah. I think one of the things, you’re spot on is that, there’s always somebody that’s like, yeah, but I had this one client who it will never work. Right. I think we are hoping that over the course of these six or eight weeks, we’ll be able to dispel a lot of those myths.

All of them. Yeah. Because like, in my work in my office, I have genuinely seen miracles happen and really like, we’re calling it Solution Impossible so you understand that we’re actually diving face first. It’s like when it’s impossible to do it, but what we’re really doing is showing you that miracle’s happening and they happen everyday. Like, miracles don’t mean rare. It just means miraculous right. It’s just means like, wow, how did that happen. And I’m super excited to bring people in to like, that world.

Yeah, and one of the things I think that we’ve talked about is like, this is an approach where we’re helping people to recognize the difference in the mundane of their lives. And I think that idea of miracles happening, that’s every single client that we talked to the miracle is in the mundane. And oftentimes clinicians get so wrapped up in like, like what about this extenuating circumstance? And what about this extenuating circumstance? And we really just come back to, you’ve got to look at the mundane and that’s where the miracle happens. But first, healthy food. Healthy food.

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