For so many of us 2020 has been a really, really challenging year. I mean, this year has been unlike any other year that has come before. Right? I mean, it’s just been a year filled with economic troubles. And, and I mean like global economic troubles, not like, you know, only in America, or only in Europe, or only in wherever. I mean, this has been a real challenging year and it’s touched all of us and it’s reached all of us and it’s caused obstacles for all of us.

And without question for me, the most challenging thing that this year has brought, is keeping us physically separated from the people we love and care about. As we go into this holiday season, as we experience this holiday season, like I really miss, like my friends that live in different cities, states, or even countries, I haven’t hugged them in months. And it’s hard. It is hurtful. It is really, really difficult. It’s a to real challenge for me to have gone this long, without the warm embrace of some of the closest people to me and some of the closest people that I’ve ever experienced in my life.

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And because of this pandemic, it is just been so long since I’ve seen them. And I don’t know when I’m going to see them again. So why am I talking about this? I’ll tell you. So, given that it’s Christmas, given that this holiday, I was thinking about the lessons that I learned as a kid about celebrating holidays, such as this, and as a kid, my favorite holiday was Christmas. And my favorite like Christmas movie was The Grinch. And one of the things I loved about The Grinch is I grew up and I didn’t have a lot of money and I didn’t have a lot of experience with, you know, Santa Claus visiting my house and having heaps of toys brought to me.

And I learned a really interesting lesson as a child, watching The Grinch. It’s a lesson I carry with me to this day. And that is some of the best Christmas gifts you can’t put under a tree. Now, just to catch you guys up, if you haven’t watched How The Grinch Stole Christmas, it’s about this Grinch who was so anti Christmas,

he decided to like steal Christmas from Whoville. And he, what he did was when everybody went to sleep, he went into all the houses in Whoville and he stole their Christmas trees and he stole their toys and he stole their decorations. He stole all their stuff only to discover on Christmas day, the people in Whoville were still singing Christmas songs and still had joy.

And as a young man, I saw that and it was such a wonderful lesson for me because I didn’t always have the biggest and best brightest, new toy and, and new things that some of my friends would have, but it let me know that I can still have joy, and I can still have peace. And I can still, I guess, still smile and laugh.

And I still had the important things that made life worth living and made Christmas what it is. So here I am now, you know, 30 years later, 35 years later, from when I saw, How The Grinch Stole Christmas for the first time. And we’re in a, we’re in a hard time, we’re in a hard moment. And in this holiday season,

I’m not going to get to see the people that I know and love. I’m not going to be able to physically be around the people that I care so deeply about. I’m not going to be able to get those hugs that means so much to me. But what I am going to do is remember the lesson that I learned decades ago, about the importance of some of the best things you get are not gift wrap-able.

Some of the best things you get are things that are just intangible. And if there’s ever a time where I needed that lesson, it’s now because if there is ever time I needed to put that into action, it’s now, if there’s ever been a time in my life when that has been more meaningful, it is now. Because now is the time we’re going to remember that this is not going to be a Christmas, in a weird way like, the pandemic is kind of like the Grinch in it’s stolen all of those things, but we should still, we should still find joy and peace and celebrate the things that we do have and really kind of close in on the things that really matter in our life.

So on this holiday at this time, I want you guys to experience a virtual hug for me, know that I care. I can’t wait until we can be around each other again, but until then, let’s just take every moment to appreciate the things that we do have, because that’s actually what really matters.

Thank you so much for watching this video. I hope you enjoyed it. If you want more videos like this, please subscribe to this channel and make sure you hit the bell so you get notifications and don’t forget to leave a comment. One of my favorite things is interacting with people and learning what they got from the video. So thanks for watching. Subscribe. Comment. See you soon.

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