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This is a time of year where like everyone, and I mean, everyone is going to make a new year’s resolution. People are going to want to be more positive and do better things in their relationships and be a better parent, stop abusing cigarettes, alcohol or drugs, or probably the most popular one is getting in shape.

But in about 30 days, on average within the first 30 days, people have already given up their new year’s resolution and are back to the problem behavior. And I want to show you a way to almost guarantee that you stick to your new year’s resolution all year long. So I’m gonna be on TV. I start meeting with my production company tomorrow. Like that’s the beginning of the journey. Whoa. I know. So I gotta be fine. I gotta get, I gotta get fine.

Me and my guy, Dr. Froerer came up with this idea that we use in therapy called versioning. So think about when your client comes into your office and they want to achieve a goal, like a therapeutic goal. You basically have to ask yourself like, which version of you gets you closer to that goal. And versioning is the, the act of being that version of yourself. So instead of focusing on a goal, like losing 20 pounds, you focus on being the version of you that you would be in the losing of 20 pounds, right?

Like when people come to therapy, it’s like, I want to get clean from drugs or alcohol, but what version of you do you need to be, to achieve that aim? The big mistake is people, they say they want to lose 20 pounds. Losing weight is on my mind right now because I’m in the gym and I want to get fit and all that. But it’s probably the most common change people want. And they like want to lose 20 pounds.

And then they work out and they eat right for about 10 minutes. Then they sit on a scale and they’ve like gained a pound because they don’t understand the physiological like of a body. When you start putting on muscle, you actually gained weight first. Right? True? You gained weight first. And then they get discouraged and they say, what’s the point? And the next thing you know, they’re having deep fried chocolate hamburgers, right?

But if you focus on like, forget the goal, the version of me that I want to be, that would make achieving that aim more likely is now the focus and the version of me I want to be is the version of me that comes to the gym every day. The version of me that eats healthy food. The version of me that represents who I am for real, like, you know, I’ve got this big platform. I got all these followers and about to have a TV show, but I don’t want to go on the TV show not myself. I don’t really care about being in shape or not in shape, but I want the world to see me like me at my very best and Elliott at his very best comes to the gym and puts in work.

That’s the version of me that I want to be. Now I got out of shape because the version of me that I was, was focused on my business and traveling around the world. And I’m not ashamed of it. I don’t regret that. But the version of me I want to be today is different. And that’s what versioning is. So instead of thinking about your new year’s resolution, think about new year’s versioning and be the version of you that you need to be to make the thing you’re aiming for more likely.

Dennis don’t don’t let your kids get out of shape. Make them work out from the first day. Make your baby crawl to their bottle. Make them earn it. This is a lot. On day number one, she over here smiling like she ain’t whooping my ass. Look at that smile.

So the best way for me to show y’all how to almost guaranteed you achieve your new year’s resolution/goal/focus is to bring you into me and to show you what I’m working on in 2022. And I’m gonna show you how to put your mind around it. So it’s so much more achievable because the best way to repeat a goal is to repeat the tasks that lead to that goal daily. And that’s what this is about. Yo, I’m not going to lie, exposing yourself like this is not easy.

You know, the number one response you get, when you tell someone what your goals are? A responsive discouragement. So people tell you how hard something is. You tell them I want to lose 60, 70 pounds. Oh, that’s so hard. It’s unhealthy. I saw on Oprah and you ain’t supposed to do that. I tried to lose 10 pounds once and duh duh. I knew this uncle one time he tried that and he died. Like people say all this discouraging stuff and it’s not easy to tell y’all what I’m trying to do because now I’m not like accountable to it right. It’s going to be on my YouTube channel. It’s going to be on my website.

So hope you all appreciate it. Cause this is not easy to do. It’s not easy to show you me at my un-best me, like not my most pristine. Like we live in a world now. I see people like young teenage girls take 47 pictures to get the right angle. Make sure their body’s right. The lightings perfect. And this is me doing the opposite. Like I’m showing you the mess so you can see the whole journey. Like the most authentic thing I can do is show you the beginning. But that’s also very, very hard.

Ooh, okay. There you go. Workout number one on the way to being the version of myself that I want to be. Remember this isn’t about losing X amount of weight or fitting into whatever piece of clothing. This is about me being the Elliott that I want to be. So I want you thinking about what version of yourself do you want to be, going into 2022? And what can you do each day to support that version of you and make sure that’s connected to something that you really, really hope to achieve.

Thank you so much for coming along. This is like I said, this is really not easy for me to show you. Being this vulnerable is hard, but it’s important. And I owe you to show you the whole journey.

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