Dinosaurs, elementary school, and the secret to success? Today, I’m telling you how I learned the most important key to being successful in an ever changing world… adaptability!

Today, I’m going to tell you the secret to success, like the true, real secret to success. And it was a lesson that I learned way back in elementary school when I was studying dinosaurs. That’s right. Dinosaurs. As a young man I was really really excited about dinosaurs. I love dinosaurs. I used to want to pet triceratops when I was a kid.

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I used to go to the Boston Natural History Museum, where they had a reconstructed a big T-Rex kind of dinosaur. I absolutely love dinosaurs. So in elementary school, when it came time to study dinosaurs, I was super duper excited about dinosaurs. And I remember the teacher, a woman named Mrs Sullivan, was teaching this topic. And we were kind of getting on with learning about dinosaurs

and she said that the dinosaurs went extinct as a result of an asteroid hitting the planet. And I was fascinated by that language. That as a result of an asteroid hitting the planet, she didn’t say like the asteroid killed the dinosaur. She said, as a result of the asteroid hitting the planet. So I raised my hand,

like, what do you mean by that? And she said, it wasn’t actually the asteroid hitting the earth that caused the extinction. It was the asteroid hitting the earth that changed the environment and the dinosaurs failed to adapt to the new environment. And that’s why they became extinct. And the number one skill of success in a species is adaptability.

You have to be able to adapt. And, uh, I’ve been thinking about that a lot recently because you know, on March 12th of this year, an asteroid hit earth, right? Because the landscape of earth, as a result of this pandemic changed, completely changed. And anybody who could master the skill of being adaptable is going to be able to have more success.

So if you could do what you do, but do it online or do it in a distance way, If you could re-conceive and re-configure what your plans are and what your outcome you’re pursuing is, you’re much more likely to be successful. But even in a Solution Focused context, that kind of resonates with me because, and this is part of why I don’t believe in the static nature of diagnosis,

like, you have schizophrenia or depression or bipolar or whatever. I don’t know that I buy that concept of like the static nature of mental illness. And the reasons is because oftentimes what we’re doing when client come to our office, they are struggling to adapt to their new environment. Right? That’s what grief is like. There are people who are close to me over the past couple of years who had passed away.

One of them has my Uncle Jeffrey, rest in peace, my Uncle Jeffrey. And he’s very close to me and I struggled to adapt to a world without Jeffrey for a bit. And sometimes I think when we’re doing therapy with our clients, we have to, we have to not think about them in, in a very static, rigid way. We have to think about them as finding their way towards adaptation.

And if we can ask questions in the session that helped the client think about new pathways forward, think about new ideas moving forward, then we’re helping them to adapt to the new reality. Maybe it’s the new reality after a relationship ends or after losing a loved one or after losing a job or after moving to a new place or after experiencing a trauma. But the number one skill in the world is adaptability and it’s our job to help our clients adapt.

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