I am proud to announce that the Solution Focused University is now the Solution Focused Universe! While the name may be different, we are still dedicated to building a solution focused community full of amazing resources and engaging content. Please feel free to check out our website: https://solutionfocusedbrieftherapy.com/

I want to take you back nearly four years ago when it was really clear to me that the solution focused world needed more training, needed more quality training, needed better access to that training. Like, it’s really hard to master this approach, and about four years ago, I was, I was very aware that it was hard for people to find training

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to get good at this approach, and it’s hard to do. And around that time, the online world had kind of taken off. So I built an online community that at the time I referred to as the solution focused university. Because I wanted to make it clear that this is a training Institute. This is a training organization. This is a training community that is designed to

take your solution Focused skills to a really high level. And in that time, the Solution Focused University has grown to the largest training organization on the globe teaching Solution Focused Brief Therapy. As we have anywhere between 250 and 400 people go through our Solution Focused trainings, every single day, our courses, our webinars, our videos, our materials,

literally 250 to 400 every single day. That’s thousands upon thousands upon thousands per month. And these are really, really exciting times for the SFU and the SFU community. And these days, this video, I want to introduce that we are changing our name from the Solution Focused University to the Solution Focused Universe, because we want to make it clear that we all kind of belong to this same universe.

You know, we live in a world that’s dealing with so much separation and so much discrimination and so much like, so much focus on the differences, that we wanted to have a name that represents inclusion, togetherness, and oneness. So the Solution Focused Universe is now our name, the Solution Focused Universe is now, how will we refer to, what will still be known as the SFU,

of course. But the name will be the Solution Focused Universe. And these are really bright and wonderful times for this community and for training material. And, you know, I get really excited about it because like, when I think about training and when I think about sharing our material, I think about clients. Cause for me,

it’s always and has always been about clients. And I think about that single mom, like, I remember, I think about this one client I had, she was a single mother and she had two boys and these two boys were getting in a lot of trouble and she brought them to my office and I just did what I normally do. I sat the family down “What are your best hopes from our talking?”

And, “Suppose you woke up tomorrow and those best hopes have become your reality, what would you see different in your family and your boys’ lives?” And at the end of the session, the mom just wept, she just started crying. And I asked if she was okay and she said, yes, I’m okay. You just don’t understand how many therapists we’ve been through before someone talked to my boys with dignity. Before someone treated my boys

like they were more than just their behaviors and they were more than just their problems. You don’t understand how long it’s been since I’ve had hope. And I think about that. And I just think, I mean, but that’s the centerpiece of Solution Focused Brief Therapy, hope, dignity, respect. And it’s really important to me that we,

we deliver trainings that make it more accessible to people to learn how to do therapy with that as the centerpiece, and how to create language in sessions that lead towards client change regardless of their problems. And that’s what the Solution Focused Universe is all about. That’s what the SFU is all about. And that’s why I’m really excited about the future of the SFU.

And that’s why I’m really excited about making this video and telling you about this really cool name change, because we are just one universe. Hey, thank you so much for watching that video. I really appreciate you guys listening to me share my thoughts and ideas about Solution Focused Brief Therapy. And as I try to make you the very best Solution Focused Brief Therapist that you could possibly be.

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And I hope to see you in the next video. Thank you.

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