From my childhood, I have one regret, only one. That regret is effort. I did not assess my talent and try to push myself to achieve what I could have. In my early years I could draw, I mean really draw. The type of drawing that garnered attention from every elementary school classroom or art teacher I had. each noted my talent and encouraged me to pursue this talent further. However, I lost interest and never became an artist or architect.

Then, I discovered I had athletic talent. I had the type of talent tat led to me making all star teams and varsity squads. I was strong, coordinated and quick. I had all of the physical tools to push my athletic career far. Yes, I was able to play both football and baseball collegiately, but there could have been more, if I only I had the courage to dream. If I had only dreamt I may have been able to make my wildest dreams come true.

Then, after a few years toiling around in college, I realized I was intelligent. I became aware that I had intellectual abilities that far exceeded my athletic acumen. It was then that I made a decision that would forever change my life. I decided that under no circumstances was I going to waste another talent; I was not going to squander another God given gift. This led to me getting a masters degree, soon a doctorate, publishing books, touring the world speaking and starting multiple businesses. Not to mention marrying a beautiful women and meeting wonderful friends along the way.

Now, after all of my hard work and passionate pursuit of my goals, it has come to my attention that success leads to having “haters”. After some hard lessons, the loss of friends and hurtful statements aimed at me, I have to say that it is true. In spite of this, at times I truly feel I am living a dream, I did not know life could be this rewarding and fulfilled. I have come to realize that by living a life based on your talents you inevitably walk a path closer to God. In doing so life becomes richer, life becomes everything you could imagine.

So, to those haters I have recently learned about: please hear me when I say, I will NOT stop! I am sorry that my 3 books and lecturing career bother you. I am also sorry that my counseling practices irritate you. But again, I will NOT stop. If the aforementioned accomplishments truly do irritate you then buckle up, that was just the lay up line, that was just me getting loose, the pre-game routine. The BEST is yet to come! Stay tuned!

At the heart of the Solution Focused Approach is helping people gain an understanding for their talents. Through the answering of questions, clients describe a world where their talents and strengths play a larger role in their lives and move them closer to becoming the people they have wanted to be. So not one has to endure the regret of my childhood.

Elliott Connie