Today, I wanna talk to you about energy. Right now I’m here with my guy, Dr. Adam Froerer. We’re getting ready to release our next book, and we’re in a studio to do the recording for the audio book. And we were just told, go to this place, Adam nor I are in the recording industry. We’re not musicians or any of that stuff. They just told us a place. And just like regular people, we put the address in the navigation and went there. And when we walk in, we we’re realized we’re in this like home of creativity. Elton John has been here. P Diddy, Drake, Indigo Girls, I mean Justin Bieber. I mean, there’s just these incredible artists and they’re incredible accomplishments.

There are plaques all over the wall. And to be very honest with you, I have dreaded doing this, like sitting all day for multiple days reading a book that I wrote just didn’t seem like something that I wanted to do. But what I didn’t take into account is the setting in which I would be doing it because I’m in this space with such tremendous creative energy, with such a tremendous kind of feel to it, that it’s actually delightful. Like it’s a joy, it’s an honor, it’s a privilege. And it’s impacting me.

As I read this book. There are moments that are emotional, there are moments that are touching. And of course I wrote the book and I’ve been exposed to the book, but just sitting and reading and in secession in this way, it’s touching and it’s, it’s real deep. And I’m realizing that what I enjoy so much about this book is we go much deeper than just the techniques and the ideas of Solution Focused Brief Therapy. And one of the most important ones that I wanna share with you here is the way you view your work impacts how you experience it.

So if you think to about like, I have to see clients, or I dang it, I’ve got eight clients today, it’s gonna be a long day, then that changes how you experience it. But if you think I get to love, honor and work with eight people who are really hoping to do differently in their lives, then that changes the experience. So it’s one, it’s so funny.

I have really been dreading this. And now that I’m here, I’m so excited. The room I’m recording in, Tony Braxton was here. About a month ago Drake was here. Like the room that these, this is surreal and this is an amazing experience and I get to do it. I don’t have to do it. I get to do it.

So never ever take into, take out of the, of the process how important it is that you recognize the context in which you’re doing your work and how important it is that you view the context in a really special way that will enhance the experience that will enhance the work. Like I’m, I’m so happy that I get to do this and that the,

the publisher has arranged this and they, they chose this place. I’m a boring regular Psychotherapist. Actually, it’s nothing boring or regular about me. But I have a boring regularly job. Like as a Psychotherapist, I never expected I’d be walking into a room that Tony Braxton sang in that P Diddy used, that Drake was in. Like never would’ve thought of it.

But here I am and I get to borrow their energy to read this book. And it’s changing the experience. So remember that as you’re working with clients, because I think that’s the kind of the underlying thing. Doesn’t matter what you know about techniques, it doesn’t matter what you know about interventions. It doesn’t matter what you think, you know about theory.

If you knew theory, technique and all that stuff, but you had a shit view of the work that you do and you, you didn’t properly think about how much of an honor and a privilege it is to work with people, then it’s, it’s not gonna be enjoyable. It’s not gonna be fun. And that’s how I want you to view your work.