I have been making SFBT moment videos since 2016. In that time I’ve literally made hundreds of videos for this series. And it’s been a weekly series almost from the beginning, but today’s video is going to be unlike any video I’ve made so far, because instead of talking to you about how to do Solution Focused Brief Therapy and giving you tips and suggestions and strategies and ideas, and an explanation to those sorts of things.

Today’s video, I’m going to talk about something that’s happening in my life. I’m going to talk to you about some of these happening in my world, and some of it’s happening in my business, You know. knowing how to manage fear and handle risk is a big part of being successful in life. And also being successful as a Solution Focused professional.

And here in my life, I’m going through a significant transition. And I thought it’d be a good idea to make a video, to just explain what is happening in this transition and how it is working. So we have, for years been taking my videos and putting them on my website www.elliottconnie.com, but as things have grown any evolved, I created a training organization known as the Solution Focused Universe or the SFU more commonly.

And that has grown. It is now this large training community. We have a whole team of people, Adam, Froerer the director of the SFU. And we have a whole team of people doing training material and hosting trainings and all of the things that we do on a monthly basis. And that is now going to be the home for my Solution Focused content as well.

So even right now, you’re watching this video more than likely are on either the YouTube channel that we’ve renamed for the Solution Focused Universe or on the Solution Focused Universe’s website. And that’s new. That is a new thing. Instead of housing, the video content on my website, we’re going to start housing, the Solution Focused training material on the Solution Focused Universe’s website.

And my platform is actually going to be kind of me chasing a dream. When I became a Psychotherapist, I did it because I had a strong desire, I wanted to make differences in people’s lives. I wanted to impact people’s lives in a positive way. I wanted to inspire and influence people positively. And the best way I could think to do that was to become a Counselor and help people overcome the challenges in their lives.

But as time has evolved, my dream for reaching people’s gotten bigger and bigger. And these days I’m working on TV projects, I’m working on many more things that take me outside of just the realm of Psychotherapy still includes Psychotherapy, but just goes beyond Psychotherapy. And now www.elliottconnie.com will be about content like that. My new YouTube channel, which you can find it just by searching elliottconnie will be for content like that, like content that is not just exclusively for clinicians, but just for everybody to help you live a more profound, fulfilled and invigorated and exciting life. Help you become your very, very best self.

That’s what my podcast is currently about. That’s what all of these things are about. And for me, it was important to take this risk and pursue this dream. So I’m still making Solution Focused content. I’m just going to be putting it in the SFU website. And my website is going to be relevant to Solution Focused Brief Therapy, but not exclusive to Solution Focused Brief Therapy professionals. And I’ll be honest. I mean, I there’s some fear like I’m nervous about it.

I’m hesitant because I, I built such a successful strong brand in Solution Focused Brief Therapy. And even though that’s still part of what I do just to do anything different is kind of scary. And I know so many of you out there can appreciate that. And you go through that too. And that’s where I am right now. And I know it’s a risk.

Like I could do this and you guys might not support my new channel or support my new platform or support the new things that I’m doing. But it’s incredibly important to me that I chase this dream. It’s incredibly important to me that I pursue this thing. It’s been in me for a really long time, if we’re being honest and I’m finally taking the step to pursue it.

So I just wanted to give you guys a little bit of an explanation on what’s changing and why it’s changing and where you can continue to find my content and where you continue to find my Solution Focused content is on the website for the SFU, which is super easy to find www.solutionfocusedbrieftherapy.com. You’ll never forget that. And my other kind of larger expanding content, you can find on www.elliottconnie.com or on my YouTube channel, which is by the same name.

So, man, I thank you for watching this video. I hope that you will support my new endeavor and continue to support my Solution Focused work with my team. The Solution Focused Universe, the new kind of re titled YouTube channel. It now featured some wonderful content from Adam Froerer some amazing content from Cecil and we have some plans for some other stuff coming too. So please continue to support me in the Solution Focused world. And please continue to support me in the larger world in which I will now be functioning and operating. I really need your help. I really need your support. I wouldn’t be where I am without your support.

And I won’t get to where I’d like to get without your continued support. So please keep watching my videos, subscribe to the new YouTube channel. I’ll put the link in the comments, subscribe to the new YouTube channel, and I’m going to keep making content that will light your life on fire just now not your clinical life, but your life in general.

So thank you so much. Hope you enjoyed this video and keep on the lookout because there will be more amazing things coming both in the Solution Focused world and then the world at large, because I still want to make a difference in your life.