As the world gets back more active. And as we get back to being more open and being able to travel a bit more, I get super excited because I love going out on the road and doing things I wouldn’t normally do and hanging out with people I don’t normally get to see and seeing new and amazing things. And recently I got to do just that. And I really kind of had a Solution Focused lesson, like hit me. And I really had this like vision, that’s this picture, hit me that impacted me and I want to share it with you.

What happened was during COVID 19, I joined this online community and I met this guy named JT and JT is this really cool guy. And he loves to do outdoor activities. He likes to go hiking and those sorts of things, and he lives in Colorado. And I happened to be going to an event in Colorado and JT and I, and another group of people kind of linked up and we drove around Colorado and we saw beautiful things. We visited something called The Garden of the Gods, which is a beautiful, kind of rock formation area, near Colorado Springs. We drove around Colorado Springs.

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And then we drove around this kind of small town where they have this thing called the Manitou Peak. And it’s, it’s unlike anything I’d ever seen before. Like from a distance, it looks like this thing that goes like straight up the side of this mountain, and it’s this big old mountain with all these trees everywhere. And then this narrow pathway that goes up, and I said to JT, what is that? And he told me, it’s this hiking trail that goes right up this mountain called the Manitou peak.

When I asked him if he’d ever done it. And again, it looks like he goes like straight up to the sky and people hike up it, like they walk up this thing and I asked JT, you know, have you ever done it? He said, yes, I’ve done it. It’s amazing. He’s done it multiple times. He and his partner have done it. And it’s just really beautiful walk that you do. Andthey warn you, you have to be physically fit. You have to be in shape. You have to take care of yourself because this is a very difficult feat to take. And as I was looking at that, I, I said like, how do you get up there? And the answer is one step at a time. And I started thinking about Solution Focused Brief Therapy, actually. And I started thinking about the sessions that we do with our clients.

And I started thinking about the journey up that mountain. You know, the vision, the view you get from the bottom of the mountain is very different than the view you get at the top. What you see from the top is so much different than what you see at the bottom. And I want you to start thinking about your Solution Focused sessions in that way, and understanding that the only way to get to the top is one step at a time. The only way to get to the the top is to climb those steps. Your questions should be like those steps. And by the end of the session, the view the client has, should be substantially different than what they saw at the beginning in the exact same way that the hiker has a very different view at the top than they do at the bottom.

So once you start thinking about my questions are simply steps, and if I give my client the right steps, if I give my client the right question, if I ask the kind of questions that are connected to their desired outcome and the resources they possess, and I ask questions that are more likely to make a difference in the client’s life, then throughout the session, it’s like they’re taking steps up the mountain of their life. Like they’ve taken steps up the journey up the hill. And the view they have by the end of the session is very different than the view they had at the beginning. So think about that, right?

And if you’re crazy enough, go climb the Manitou Peak. I’ve got a friend named JT who would happily take you up there, but work with your clients and understand that my job is to ask them the kind of questions that help them climb the steps of their life. So the view they see at the end of the session is very different, more vast, and profound and more beautiful than what they see at the beginning of the session. Like I did not climb up this mountain and I’d probably have a thousand years of fitness I have to do before I can do that.

But think about what you see at the top of this mountain, that overlooks beautiful Colorado Springs versus what you see at the bottom. It’s gotta be the most transformational view ever, and it’s such a beautiful view of that. People are willing to put their bodies through physical pain and exertion to get to that top. I want you to help your clients have a view that is so beautiful and so epic that by the end of the session, they were to see it in a way that completely transforms their lives.

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