You know, one of the things about the human experience that I have always found odd is we do a much better job of holding onto negative data instead of being positive about ourselves even. Actually, especially about ourselves. And right now it’s like the first day of the year, it’s literally turning a new leaf, and we’re like at the beginning of a whole new year and people are like,

you know, next year’s gonna be my year. I’m gonna make sure next year is the year that it’s happening. I see people all the time, like, I’m stepping in to 2023. And I’m like, but you’re not done yet with 2022.

One of the reasons that we take that position is because we look back in the year at the things that we have failed, the things that we have not done well, the struggles we’ve had. And we think like 2023 has gotta be better. But I want you to do something different because I want you to reprogram your brain and prime it for the success that you want in 2023. And the best way to do that is I want you to go back in 2022 and make a list of all of the things that you did,

that you accomplished, that you’re even a little bit proud of. Even if it was one of the most difficult years. I want you to think, how did I get through this difficult year? How did I get through this difficult circumstance? And what you’re doing is you’re training your brain to notice signs of strength, evidence of success. You’re training your brain to pay attention to your resilience and how amazing you are.

And that’s what you carry into 2023. If you do what we always do, which is just focus on all the ways we fell and all the ways we struggled and all the things that happened that were difficult, and I’m hoping 2023 won’t be bad, is you’re gonna likely have another, or hoping 2023 will be good. You’re gonna likely have another difficult year because you’re bringing that same mentality into 2023.

So before we go into 2023, you’re not done yet with 2022, I want you to go back and look and literally write them down, make a list of all of the things that you accomplished, that you made it through, that you’re proud of, that you’re thankful for, that you’re grateful for, all of the relationships that got better, all of the relationships you’re still holding onto. All of the positive moments,

and just carry that into 2023. I promise you’re gonna be thankful that you did. So welcome to a new year. I hope that it is everything you want it to be, and I promise by mining the gold from 2022, you’re gonna find more gold in 2023. So good luck.