College students are innately resourceful and ambitious individuals, but it can justifiably
be difficult to access that resilience underneath the stresses and responsibilities of
being a student. What is a constant truth, however, that can help any student through
these years is that they must inherently already have some motivation for who they
want to be and the life they want to have. To be in college in the first place means they
have decided that there’s a certain kind of life they want to have, so much so that they
are willing to put in a lot of effort and commitment to get there.
Mental health difficulties are known to manifest easily while a student works their
way through college. Depression, anxiety, uncertainty, social trouble, and crises of
identity all can frequently strike at this period. But every college student has gotten
relatively good at moving their eyes toward the future. Instead of doing so with fear
and uncertainty, Solution Focused sessions are known for making the future feel like
an extremely exciting and alluring thing. The future does not have to be something
scary or unmanageable. It can look exactly as a person might hope for it to look. A
Solution Focused session seeks to renew a sense of possibilities and make a clearer
path toward that preferred future.
In working with college students for years, they frequently come to session looking for
motivation, productivity, contentment, relationship success, a way to deal with anxiety,
and the ability to make good decisions. All of those things are very possible, and I’ve
seen countless students find those things. Many of the students I’ve worked with
quickly see signs that they are starting to live in a way that is congruent with who they
want to be, whether through more confidence, bolder pursuits of their goals, or even
just an internal sense of satisfaction with themselves. There is a plethora of resources,
talents, skills, and experiences in every student that maybe they’ve yet to fully recognize
and apply to their current circumstances. But by having a very motivating kind of
conversation, students can unlock those resources and thus make all their problems
smaller and their goals more attainable. College could be a deeply enjoyable time if a
student finds a way to be immensely satisfied with who they are, motivated in what
they are doing, and excited to get to where they are going.