Most families experience some degree of dysfunction and difficulty at some point. It’s
innately hard to always be in a state of bliss with your family. You might think there
are too many reasons why your family can’t seem to be happy with each other or that
family will always be nothing more than a source of stress. The truth is your family is
actually the source of many powerful, positive things far more impactful than any of the
problems that might bother you. Engaging in a solution focused session could reveal
those attributes and resources as well being a transformation in you and your family
members that leads toward becoming your better selves. You’ll quickly find yourself
inclined to be a better parent, sibling, grandchild, partner, or any other role you play in
your family.
The way forward is not so much about finding who is to blame or who is wrong. It’s
actually about finding what makes your family work really well. It’s about engaging
with what is happening when your family is at its best and your greatest desires for
your family are present. Many families come to session wanting to have more love, more
trust, more positive interactions, and few conflicts and behavioral issues. All of those
things are possible once a family is able to catch a glimpse of the best version of their
family, once they see how satisfying it could be to live within that reality. In the many
families I’ve worked with over the years, parents are often surprised by how quickly their
children’s behavior can change or how suddenly their relationships with their kids can
shift. Their homes go from being a place of anger, arguments, and isolation to being
a place of togetherness and warm consideration for each other. What happens is that
there is a realization that family can contribute to life rather than make it harder; family
can be a significant source of meaning, purpose, and motivation. Soon, each family
member is able to see the best in each other and enjoy all that these relationships have
to offer in love, comfort, and support.