Grief is one of those unfortunate but inevitable facets of life that seems to eventually
strike everyone. Though it is a natural and inevitable experience, it is still quite painful
and unsettling. We can feel removed from the normal flow of our lives after experiencing
significant loss and lose track of how to get back to being ourselves in the shadow of
grief. Like many people, I personally know how emotionally challenging dealing with a
loss can be, but that means I also know how meaningful the simplest of steps can be
while we navigate through such an experience. There is a way to find all the strength
and resilience necessary to make it through this experience. No one can undo our
losses or change the course of events, but moving forward in a purposeful way can
happen. You can handle these difficult circumstances as your best self rather than a
version of you that feels helpless or without desirable options for you.
Many people I’ve worked with seem to appreciate that I personally know the experience
of losing a close loved one, but what has an even larger impact on them is that I know
that their process of navigating grief has to be tailored specifically for them individually
to be meaningful and healthy. Processing grief and dealing with loss is always much
more than following a few steps from a book; it is an incredibly emotional, personal,
and often private journey. That is why so many people I’ve worked with have been able
to see themselves grow past the pain they feel and toward whatever their meaningful
destination is. In moments of loss, hope for what can come next makes all the difference.